Liubov Belousova

Liubov Belousova, art dealer, PDG de BOCCARA ART a été découvreur pour plusieurs collections publiques et privées.
Depuis plus de 15 ans Liubov travaille en collaboration avec des collectionneurs privés, des galeries internationales (NYC, Moscou, Londre, Paris, Monaco), des artistes du monde entier, des musées, des fondations et de grosses entreprises.

Marlissa gardner

Marlissa participates in speaking engagements on art investment and has been featured in Women of Distinction magazine as one of the top women entrepreneurs to watch. Before starting Emillions Art, Marlissa owned her own film production company and worked in collaboration with United Pictures, UPN and Fox as a director and producer.  Marlissa earned a Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree in Broadcasting & Film from Boston University.

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